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BodyGenix Coral Calcium-1 Coral Calcium-1 Coral Calcium 1 is a synergistic blend of natural occurring minerals with the addition 800 iu's of Vitamin D. Coral Calcium 1 is more than just calcium, it is also accompanied by it's companion mineral, magnesium and over 70 other trace minerals. Coral Calcium 1 is unrivaled as a natural mineral complex.  Looking for Bob Barefoot Coral Calcium Products?  "Click" here

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Coral Calcium 2K Plus
Coral Calcium-1
Coral Calcium Sachet
Coral calcium 2K Plus Coral Calcium 2K Plus in the 90-count bottle contains 2000 mg. of marine grade Coral Calcium from Okinawa!
BodyGenix Coral Calcium-1 Coral Calcium-1 comes in a 60-count bottle of 500 mg. of Coral Calcium formulated from "The Calcium Factor"
Coral Calcium Sachet These easy to use Coral Calcium Sachet's (tea bags) restore the natural properties of tap water in the space of just a few minutes.

Coral Calcium - 2000 mg.
Vitamin D - 2,000 iu's
Serving Size - 3
Total Servings - 30
Retail Price -$37.95
Our Price - $19.95

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Coral Calcium - 1000 mg.
Vitamin D - 800 iu's
Serving Size - 2
Total Servings - 30
Retail Price - $26.95
Our Price - $16.95

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Coral Minerals - 994 mg.
Total Servings - 30 Tea Bags
1 Month Supply - $23.95
L-Ascorbic Acid - 5 mg
Silver -1 mg
2 Month Supply - $45.95

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Coral Calcium is a dietary supplement made of marine coral from Okinawa, Japan. While most experts agree that calcium should be obtained from natural dietary sources, this is difficult in today's world which often revolves around increasingly busy schedules. Calcium supplements are perfect for people who don't receive enough calcium or for those who require more.

The National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine states that adults over the age of 50 require an adequate intake of 1,200 mg of calcium per day. Your body requires calcium for almost every major body function as well as cell division, hormone production, and to aide in strong, healthy bones and teeth.

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Coral is among the oldest and most primitive of organisms. Although coral reefs surround islands everywhere in the world, the coral reefs surrounding Okinawa Japan have proved to be like no other. There are over 2,500 varieties of coral in the world, but only the Sango Coral contains an organic composition identical to that of the human skeleton, including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium

Taken two times a day with water, Coral Calcium delivers critical calcium- otherwise tough to absorb and be used effectively by the body- and over 60 critical minerals to your system. Often called "the king of the minerals," calcium is considered the common denominator of good health.

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Coral Calcium is structured almost identically to the Calcium found in your bones. Scientists and Nutritionists agree that taking these supplements may aid in the prevention or improvement of over 200 different types of illness and disease. Evidence has also shown that it may help lower cholesterol, increase energy and promote stronger bones and muscle function.